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A "Heart-Wrenching" Farewell to the Little Red Bike Cafe

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Image of Little Red Bike Cafe courtesy N.M. via Yelp

The saga of NoPo's Little Red Bike Cafe seems to be ending, sadly, with no good news in sight. After announcing an imminent departure from their red-triked locale hopefully in favor of a new home, partners-in-brunch Ali Jepson and Evan Dohrmann will be closing LRB with no solid plans for resurrection. Tomorrow's service will be its last for the foreseeable future: "I mean, it's heart-wrenching — my wife was crying this morning," Dorhmann told Eater. "It's pretty emotional; we definitely feel just an overwhelming support from the neighborhood, specifically from all of our customers. It's hard to think we're saying goodbye, even for a short time."

After a final farewell party scheduled for Tuesday, between 2pm and 7pm, the pair are planning a working break — Dorhmann cites an early-stage plan to do educational work "to try to get involved with the youth in the city of Portland, specifically at-risk youth."

"We have a lot of different ideas," Dorhmann says. "We would love to continue to do business in this neighborhood if possible — we passed up locales in others — [but] we're going to hold out for a good business opportunity, hopefully up here." Dorhmann mentions ambitions to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not necessarily as Little Red Bike v. 2.0. "Every different opportunity presents itself with a different concept."

Track Ali and Evan's quest for a new locale on their blog; last call for egg sandwiches and biscuits 'n' gravy is tomorrow. Major frowny face.
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4823 N Lombard St., Portland OR