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Eater on Location


This weekend, Aspen welcomes a clusterfuck of deep-pocketed foodies for the annual Food & Wine Classic, a three-day-long fest featuring the celebrated chefs (including Keller, Andres, Chang, Bayless... Batali?) currently at the top of their game. And though press passes to the event are among the foodie world's most exclusive, three Eaters — Raphael Brion, Amanda Kludt, and PDX's own Mike Thelin, representin' — were willing to sell their organs, firstborn, and souls to get on the Aspen grounds and get reportin'. F&W Classic updates will be streaming all weekend over at Eater National... for Portland-related news from Aspen, we've got your back at your friendly neighborhood Eater PDX. (ZOMG, Jose Andres, Rick Bayless, Tom Colicchio, and Barbara Lynch are kicking things off with their "Masters" panel as we type.)