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Proposed Pie Cart to Totally Screw with Its Customers

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This just in from Make Me Some Pie: Cheezeburger Networks' interactive designer Crystal Beasley is seeking backers for a new pie cart, called Pielab, debuting in Pioneer Courthouse Square. In addition to slicing up homemade pie, pouring coffee, and scooping ice cream, the cart also comes with an interactive, behavioral-economics-research element:

"I'm building a game laboratory masquerading as a pie cart... I see the pie cart as a space to observe human behavior. I'll change up the rules constantly to test out different hypothesis of why people make the choices they do. Hopefully, it will facilitate serendipitous interactions between strangers in silly, funny and memorable ways."

Proposed "games" include having the dude in front of you make your order choice, while you order for the guest behind you. Watch the vid of Crystal's proposal here; just $750, folks, 'til the pie-popping game lab can get off the ground.
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