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PDX's "Refined Rustic" Trio: Who's Missing from the Menu?

In July's issue of Portland Monthly, Eater BFF Mike Thelin identifies a new culinary trend about to take Stumptown by storm: Think rustic cuisine with a touch more polish. And three newish chefs have gotten props as the figureheads of the movement, presented progressive-dinner style — Clyde Common's Chris DiMinno, Ten 01's Michael Hanaghan, and Fenouil's pastry chef extraordinaire, Kristen D. Murray make up the dream three-course meal. Thelin opines:

"Whether a fully formed movement is afoot, only time will tell, but these three newcomers’ refinement, creativity, and sharp point of view when developing even the most ordinary dishes suggest that a new culinary aesthetic has arrived in Stumptown."

Being gluttons, we'd gladly add another couple "courses" to this refined rustic menu — what chefs were woefully overlooked? Discuss away in the comments — then we'll be sure to let him have it.

· Refining Rustic [Portland Monthly]

Image of Clyde Common courtesy Remodelista

Clyde Common

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