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Update: June Restaurant Roster Adds Daniel Mondok as Sous Chef, More Surprises In Store

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More breaking news this afternoon: Daniel Mondok — of Sel Gris and Foster Burger fame — has left the burger joint to become the (temporary) sous chef at Greg Perrault's upcoming Burnside spot June. According to Foster Burger's Stefan Hansen (who was also general manager at Sel Gris), Mondok's new gig will be semi-temporary, as the pair are still planning on starting their own restaurant at a TBD date.

UPDATE: June co-owner Matthew Peterson hints that in addition to Mondok and already-announced Ten 01 'tender Kelley Swenson, more "surprise" members of the team are TBA. (Yep, that's members — plural.) Stay tuned.
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Foster Burger

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2215 E. Burnside St. Portland, OR