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Diner 2010 Snap Judgement: Playing It Coy

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At least he's got a sense of humor? Thistle chef Eric Bechard has been keeping a low profile since his high-profile arrest for a post-Cochon 555 pig-related fistfight outside a Portland strip club (whew!), and his formerly lauded McMinville spot, sadly, didn't make the cut in this year's Oregonian Diner guide. But that didn't stop Thistle's advertisement in its pages from showing a dash of self-deprecation, with a wink of tongue-in-cheek. "Food Worth Fighting For!" Get it?

Not to mention that the ad way outclasses otherwise all-around-commendable chef Greg Denton's "peakaboo" curtain pic, which accompanied the paper's story about Metrovino's Comeback of the Year: The accolades are well-deserved, Greg, but looking you're being birthed by swaths of fabric does no favors for anyone. Just sayin'.
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