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SakeOne's Virtual Tasting: Like Drinking Alone. But Not.

Going tasting at Forest Grove's SakeOne — the only American-owned-and-operated sake brewery in the country — requires a designated driver willing to cart you 30 miles outside of town. Thankfully, for the truly lazy (or those doing a little under-the-desk tippling at work), the boys are hosting their first-ever virtual tasting event this evening: At 4:30pm today, grab yourself a bottle of G Joy, log in using either Facebook or Twitter, and the brewers will be online, answering questions and facilitating dialogue until 6:30pm, a.k.a. the socially acceptable hour to leave your house for a(nother) drink. Because remember: Drinking while talking to strangers on the Internet is not drinking alone.
· Virtual Sake Tasting featuring G Joy [Official site]