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Red and Black Cafe Takes Heat for Asking PDX Cop to Leave

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When a tipster sent us this link yesterday describing an incident of alleged "police discrimination" at the self-proclaimed radical vegan Red and Black Cafe, we figured, like last week's Sweetpea Baking non-incident, that much ado was being made out of nothing. Silly us to underestimate the power of the Internets! The story's been picked up by KOIN Local 6, and the debate rages on in the comment section of the original concerned citizen's post.

Cafe co-owner John Langley claims that giving the ol' heave-ho was not a political act, and was quoted in the Local 6 story as saying: "I felt just really uncomfortable — just really uncomfortable about it and I felt many of our customers and co-workers would not feel safe in a space with a uniformed police officer with a gun." You know, because they're radicals. Word.
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