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Lincoln Extends Deal, Coleman Meets Beer, More. Food. Carts.

NORTHEAST: A scant 12 hours after the official close of Portland's June-only "Dining Month," N. Williams' Lincoln announced plans to extend the deal into the month of July: Every night, a $25, three-course menu will be available for cheapos.

EVERYWHERE: There is nothing that the Mercury's Patrick Alan Coleman won't do for the good of his readers... liver be damned. Every day during Oregon Craft Beer Month (which kicks off today), Coleman and his merry band of Twitter fiends will be consuming one unique craft beer a day; folks at home are invited to play along via the Twitterverse.

DIVISION/CLINTON: A tipster at reports an upcoming cart pod is in the works at SE 50th and Division. "[It's] in the parking lot behind the Barely Worn used clothing store and it looks like it will be quite large — possibly up to 15 carts." Blogtown confirms it this afternoon.