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Chef Spotting at the Portland Farmers Market

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If you ever want to see several of Portland's top chefs in one place — at the same time — then get up early on a Saturday morn and head to Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University. In a period of about fifteen minutes, before 10am, you just might see some of Portland's most well-known chefs — including Beast's Naomi Pomeroy, Tabla's Anthony Cafiero (right), Cafe Nell's Andrew Garrett, and Departure's Gregory Gourdet — scurrying their way through the packed crowd, as was the case on Saturday. Now, take care in approaching the chefs: They're not exactly in the mood to talk to anyone but the vendors as they gather items for the evening meal at their assorted eateries, but they just might be willing to let you snap a quick pic. Check out for a sweet photo of Garrett and Gourdet.
· Portland Farmers Market at PSU [Official Site]


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