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Sharpen Those Claws: Eater 38 Update Goes Live Monday

"When are you going to change this clunky ass list?" Fret not, dear readers, the long-awaited (if your comments are any indication) update of the Eater 38 will hit the internets just in time for August, and we've taken into account your rants, raves, and beauty tips in crafting the rotating list. (Just in case, though, take some time this weekend to craft your best insults and let 'em loose in the comments on Monday.) And if your favorite spot still didn't make the cut, from here on out, we'll be looking to update the Eater 38 on a quarterly basis to reflect our awesome city's constantly evolving, always-inspired food scene. Also a possibility: the Eater 38 of food carts. What'cha think?