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Snoop Dogg's Uncle Smokes Out Southwest Portland 'Hood

Photo of Reo Varnado courtesy

Oregonian reporter Janie Har reported over the weekend of the troubles facing Reo Varnado and his 'cue joint Reo's Ribs. Formerly located way out off of Tualatin Valley Highway, ever since he moved closer into town, on Southwest Macadam Avenue, Varnado has been tussling with his new neighbors over the smoke that emits from his smokers. It's become such an issue television crews have camped out in front of his shop to talk to about the sweet-smelling "nuisance." No word if Reo's nephew, Snoop Dogg, will come to the rescue of his uncle and sometimes personal chef.
·Reo's Ribs [Official Site]

6141 Southwest Macadam Avenue Portland, OR 97239-3657