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Local Waiters Take to the Track During Bastille Day Fest

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Image of racing waiters courtesy ExtraMSG

This year's Bastille Day celebration falls on July 14 — more on that next week — but this weekend, the Pearl District gets Francophilic with its annual Bastille in the Pearl festival. And the best way to celebrate the start of the French Revolution? Racing waiters, obvs. Waitstaff from local joints Typhoon, Oba, Brasserie Montmartre, Veritable Quandary, and Fenouil (among others) will be on-hand to duke it out on the Jamison Park track: Each waiter must balance a tray holding a bottle of Perrier and three glasses filled with water, and the first one across the finish line (with a dry try) gets yearlong bragging rights. And if human NASCAR isn't your thing, St. Honoré Boulangerie, Nuvrei, Fenouil, and Lovejoy Bakery will be on-hand to feed revelers with French pastries and other goodies.
· Bastille Day in the Pearl [Official site]

Jamison Square, Portland OR