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Roger Porter Ponders His Future Post-Oregonian

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Now a former Oregonian food critic, Roger Porter has no intention of chucking his years of notes on Portland's restaurant scene (so eloquently summed up yesterday by his former employer Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman) into the trash heap of history. In fact, from the looks of it, he's just warming up. Here's what Porter told Eater about his future plans (while throwing in a couple more digs at the O):

...”for many years, (I've) been gratified to see the city’s food community develop so brilliantly. I want to continue writing about that world. I have no definitive plans at the moment, but may try to work with several other serious food writers to produce some kind of publication that will contain restaurant reviews, food features, interviews, and other coverage of Portland’s food culture. As The Oregonian surrenders its previous distinction as a top-flight reporter of the food scene, I think it will be increasingly necessary to imagine some new venue to take its place. I hope to be part of such an enterprise, whatever its form. I am very interested to see if the community has any wish list for such a publication."

That means only one thing, right? Move over Food Dude, here comes Porter...
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