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Sugar Cube Cues Cameras, New Cocktails at Castagna

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N. MISSISSIPPI: Kir Jensen's sinfully sweet cart the Sugar Cube gets a visit from a(n unlikely?) camera crew later on this afternoon, in the form of action sports channel FUEL.TV. Head on over at 4:30pm for the chance to get your face on television.

SOUTHEAST: Following Matt Lightner's Best New Chef award from Food & Wine Magazine and the Oregonian's 2010 Restaurant of the Year nod, Castagna bartender David Cooper is upping the ante with a new 25-item "culinary-inspired" cocktail list. Among the more unique ingredients co-existing with your booze of choice: pine nut salt, coconut foam, and a house-made orgeat syrup.

Image of the Sugar Cube courtesy Katrina W. via Yelp

The Sugar Cube

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