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Mayor Sam Adams Brewing Up His Own "Sam Adams"

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Portland Mayor Sam Adams is making his own beer. The Mayor with the same name as that famous Boston-based beer, and his partner, author Peter Zuckerman, have been thoroughly enjoying the fruits of their home-brew making labor over the summer.

According to Zuckerman, the pair picked up all their beer-making supplies at a North Portland's Home Brew Exchange (like the one in the photo) and have set up brewing operations in both Adams and Zuckerman's homes. "The first batch was a Pilsner," says Zuckerman. "We wanted to name it after Sam's chicken, Alma, and call it 'Alma Ale,' but we never settled on a name." Zuckerman says it was also much easier to make than they originally thought. "And it tasted a lot better than we thought it would, too."
· Home Brew Exchange [Official Site]

Image of Home Brew Exchange courtesy

1907 N. Kilpatrick St., Portland, OR 97217

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