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Cameras in Your Face: Cart Love from PBS, Cooking Channel

The glut of television cameras to Portland's food carts continues: Spotted today at Mississippi Marketplace were crews from New York City's PBS station, who apparently arrived totally unannounced (it's absolutely the dorky former NY-er in us talking, but that kinda looks like the Shirley chick from Cool in Your Code, a show we're not too cool to actually admit watching). And this Sunday, the Cooking Channel, which was in town this past May to film the action at Big-Ass Sandwiches and KOi Fusion, among others, will air its one-off special Food Truck Revolution, which will feature carts from across the country. Extra special bonus points: FTR comes with a side of on-camera commentary from Eater and Frank Bruni's mutual BFF Mike Thelin.

Maybe from here on out, Eater will update only when there aren't cameras in the way of your cart fix. We'll start a new column, and dub it "Eat in Peace. For once."
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