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The Dish on Willamette Week's Future Dining Coverage

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This just in from Willamette Week publisher Richard Meeker:

"Arts editor Kelly Clarke has become convinced WW needs more food coverage. She's now redesigned the back of the book to make the room needed. You should see that every week from here on out. When our new website goes live (sometime in September) you'll find much more food coverage there, too. Finally, I decided a couple of months ago that WW's Restaurant Guide (to which the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies editorial judges just gave First Place for Special Sections in their annual editorial competition) needed to be upgraded. So this October, WW's Restaurant Guide will be printed on magazine stock and will be perfect bound."

Increasing coverage and paper quality in a trying economy may seem foolhardy. But the timing could be right, now that The Oregonian has left a gaping hole in local dining coverage with the dismissal of food critics Karen Brooks and Roger Porter, who ironically both spent years reviewing restaurants for Willamette Week.
· Willamette Week Restaurant Guide 2009 [Official Site]

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