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Sellwood's Vino Packing Up Shop, Moving to SE 28th

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Friendly neighborhood wine shop Vino, which fostered a strong sense of oenophile community in its Sellwood space across the street from the Garden State food cart, will be closing September 25 in order to move into new digs. Owner Bruce Bauer wrote a lengthy farewell to friends and fans:

As many of you have been aware there has been much chaos going on at the physical location of VINO... For me personally to leave the Sellwood neighborhood after more than a decade is quite devastating, and has been the cause of much lost sleep. I am very saddened to think that I won't be seeing many of you as often as I have become accustomed to. I treasure what VINO has become over the years here....much more than the simple retail store I thought it would be... Sellwood is much more than a part of Portland. It is truly a special and unique place.

Vino's scheduled to move into its new space on SE 28th Street sometime in November — and more good news for those who enjoying pairing Friday Night Flights events with Italian food, the new location is but a stone's throw from Ken's Artisan Pizza.
· Vino [Official site]

Image of Vino courtesy Joshua C. via Yelp

137 SE 28th Ave., Portland, OR