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Sinju Bans Wild Salmon Center President for Questioning Tuna

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Today in terrible PR moves: AOL foodie blog SlashFood has the lowdown on a local sustainable seafood fracas. Long story short: Guido Rahr, president of the local environmentalist organization Wild Salmon Center, was a longtime patron of the Pearl branch of Sinju Restaurant. When Rahr noticed the extremely unsustainable Atlantic bluefin tuna on the sushi menu, he spoke up (even bringing info pamphlets!) — and according to his account, was promptly banned from the restaurant. "I'm a regular customer. I didn't just walk in out of nowhere, and I did it in such a respectful way. I mean, this is Portland we're talking about."

Click through to SlashFood for the full account (including the obligatory appearance from Bamboo Sushi's Kristofor Lofgren); we'll let you know if folks from Sinju have a response.
· Environmentalist Banned from Restaurant [SlashFood]
· Sinju Restaurant [Official site]

Image courtesy Patrick Haney via Flickr

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