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"Eating With Juan" on the Menu Tonight at Luce

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Navarre chef/owner John Toboada's new East Burnside event space, called Luce, is currently the home to a semi-secretive Tuesday night dining experience that goes by the name, "Eating With Juan." Here's what Toboada says on the Luce website:

"Luce will be hosting Eating with Juan every Tuesday from 4 to 9 or until we run out of food. I have worked with Juan at Navarre for 6 years. Over the years he has not only worked hard and become a good friend, he has cooked his food for everyone at Navarre. His food is real good. It is Mayan- from Yucutan, Mexico...Everytime Juan cooks my eyes are opened a little wider to the beauty and clarity that is the food of the the Yucutan."
It's a great place to spot dining chefs — including Gruner's Christopher Israel — and a good deal too. "Plates of Food" are just $12, beer is $3, and wine is $5.
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