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Tasty 'n' Sons Starts Dinner; Francis Becomes Bar; Cheesecake?

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N. WILLIAMS: Tasty and Sons is opening for dinner. We repeat: John Gorham's once brunch-only masterpiece is opening for dinner beginning September 9. Expect Toro Bravo-like lines.

ALBERTA: The space that (until recently) hosted the spectacular restaurant flame-out known as Francis will become a bar called Cruz Room. The spot's official site offers no details other than a strangely hypnotic (bike-themed?) logo.

CHAINDOM: Which are the country's most popular restaurant chains? A survey conducted earlier this year revealed that the Cheesecake Factory ranked at number one (close behind were Texas Roadhouse, Red Robin, and Olive Garden). IHOP rounded out the list, nabbing 15th place. [NRN via Eater LA]

Tasty n Sons

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