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Kristen Murray to Paley's Place; Lauren Fortgang to Little Bird

Two of this town's biggest pastry chefs are on the move. Kristen D. Murray, who departed from her gig at the Pearl's Fenouil earlier this summer, announced last night that she'll soon be taking over the dessert menu at Paley's Place. "I just wanted to share the exciting news with you about accepting to replace Lauren Fortgang at Paley's Place in mid-October. Looking forward to being part of the family at Paley's and creating beautiful desserts that compliment his wonderful cuisine. Hope to see you soon and thrilled to be one step closer to securing roots in Portland."

And Fortgang? From her new perch at Portland Monthly, Karen Brooks reports that the longtime Paley's pastry chef be leaving to join Gabriel Rucker's ranks at the hotly anticipated Little Bird, opening later this year. Sweet deals, ladies.
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