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"Flash Kitchen" Cooking Classes to Pop-Up in Public

Portland's food-smart man about town (and Eater BFF) Mike Thelin and the good folks at Whole Foods Market want to teach you how to cook. In public! The globetrotting Portland Monthly contributor (whose best summer ever has led him to Aspen's Food & Wine fest, Denmark for Matt Lightner's Copenhagen dinner, and to Nong's with Frank Effing Bruni) has somehow found time to partner with Whole Foods, Portland Parks, and the Art Institute of Portland to launch Flash Kitchen, a pop-up cooking school meant to "demystify the cooking process" for expert eaters but amateur home chefs.

"Truth is, we really can't change our culture of unhealthy eating unless people know how to cook," says Thelin, who signed on to produce the events. "So, we've created a cooking school that's mobile. We're already working with policy makers and we're hoping to do these events all over the state and region."

The first event kicks off next Saturday (Sept. 25) at Director's Park with class leader and Flash partner Adam Sappington of the Country Cat — each surprise event will feature a different chef behind the counter. For each person in the audience at the inaugural event, Whole Foods, which spear-headed the whole effort, will donate $1 to the YMA Camp.
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Image of Director Park courtesy LaValle PDX via Flickr