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Ned Ludd, Broder, Caffe Vita to Brunch Responsibly for P:ear

Image of Caffe Vita @ Bluehour courtesy Caffe Vita

Hot ticket item for this Sunday: Brunch Responsibly, a four-course meal featuring booze, strong espresso, and brunch, will launch the opening of downtown's P:ear Barista School, a training program for homeless youth. Jason French (of the damn-they're-everywhere-this-week Ned Ludd) will man the kitchen, with ingredients and hangover-busting cocktails donated by Whole Foods, Caffe Vita, Broder, House Spirits and Small Vineyards. All proceeds from the $40 reservation will benefit p:ear and the barista program, which gives transitioning youth on-site training and paid internships at Caffe Vita's local cart.
· p:ear [Official site]
· Cafe Vita [Official site]

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