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Top Chef Hottie Talbot In Town To Kick-Off Pear Season

Season 7 of Top Chef may've just wrapped up, but that doesn't mean it times to hang up the toques. That's because none other than Top Chef Season 2 hottie Sam Talbot will be making the rounds in Portland over the next few days (that is the satellite television rounds so keep an eye on him if you actually see him at any of the local eateries).

Talbot's in town to help kick-off fresh pear season in the Northwest, including a contest where pear fans nationwide can use their culinary creativity to develop a pear recipe and submit it to or between Sept. 20-Nov. 7 to win a trip for two to Oregon’s wine country.

Sam is just the first in a line-up of chefs from around the U.S. that have been hand-picked to promote Oregon pears. The Pear Assoc. will be showcasing recipes from Castagna's red-hot Matt Lightner and other NW chefs this season as well.
· USA Pears [Official Site]

· Image of Sam Talbot courtesy Jemal Countess/