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Grant Butler v. Nick Zukin: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Two Portland foodie heavyweights are exchanging some fightin' words: In the feud-happy world of the Twitterverse, the Oregonian's resident vegan Grant Butler challenges blogger and meat-lover Nick Zukin's recent post titled "Is Grant Butler Helping to Ruin Food Coverage?"

In the post, Zukin took to task Butler's recent story printed in MIX Magazine, in which the longtime O scribe suggests that the stretch of NE Alberta sports a heavy concentration on vegan restaurants. Zukin writes: "This Mix 'Neighborhood Guide' to Alberta annoyed the hell out of me." To which Butler replies on Twitter: "The guy owns a deli, so he's defensive." To which Eater grabs its popcorn and waits for the first truly low blow (and puts $5 on Zukin, cause really, who would bet on someone who doesn't like the taste of animal flesh?). Play nice, kids!
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