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Grain & Gristle Info Pours In: Ben Meyer & Upright Brewing Team for NE Public House

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Now that the secret's out, a flood of information surfaces this afternoon about former Ned Ludd chef Ben Meyer's upcoming Grain & Gristle: And now, the name makes sense! The public house-style restaurant represents a partnership between Meyer, Alex Ganum, owner and head brewer of Upright Brewing, and Marcus Hoover, designer for Roses Restaurant Equipment, and though the opening date still a tentative 2.5 months away (December 1), an early sample menu is already up online. (It includes bar staples like brats, mussels frites, pork rinds, pretzels, and "freedom fries"!) According to the official press release:

A short but often-changing bottle and tap selection, curated by Alex, will focus on Oregon and Washington breweries along with some interesting and unique beers from around the world. The food will continue in the rustic and hearty style we brought you at Ned Ludd (but with a full kitchen! Yeah, fryer!), while aiming to support and heighten the flavors in the beer list.

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1473 NE Prescott St., Portland OR