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Speculation Time: Where is Patrick Alan Coleman Going?

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With today's surprise announcement that he's leaving the pages of the Portland Mercury, restaurant critic/food ninja Patrick Alan Coleman has kicked off a flurry of speculation over what's next in his career — thanks, of course, to cryptic Tweets. What we can guess from the @lastsup updates:

Hint one: Wherever PAC is headed, anonymity is no longer required. And if the two words changed from his profile description ("Food editor and columnist for the Portland Mercury") are obviously "Portland Mercury," sounds like he's remaining in the food editing realm. "Columnist" makes us think he's staying in print.

Hint two: An expanding beat — including culture, art, and style — not only suggests a larger media outlet, but it heavily points to the media outlet that ferries all beats under one heading: the Oregonian's A&E section. The move would make sense from the O's point of view, as the paper of record has come under tons of criticism for its vegan-heavy and chain-y food coverage of late. In fact, it's our totally unsubstantiated guess that PAC's new home is the O.

Exhibit three: Initiating relationships with future coworkers:

And just for fun:

We're probably way off. But hey — let the rumor mill start swirlin'!
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