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Patrick Alan Coleman Departs from Portland Mercury

Whoa. Portland's last living food critic, Patrick Alan Coleman, blogged this morning that he's bidding a bittersweet farewell to the Portland Mercury. From his post:

"As of October 6th, I will no longer be employed as the Portland Mercury's food editor. I want you to know these last 30 months we've spent together have been magical for me. I feel that I've witnessed the Golden Age of Blogtown, and I will miss the ever lovin' crap out of all of you. But I'm not going far. I'll still be living and working in Portland, and I'm sure I'll be stopping by now again to harangue my colleagues and talk shit. You might even see my byline every once in awhile — should the powers-that-be agree I have something to say about what-have-you."

The postscript suggests that the Mercury is actively searching for a replacement. More info as it becomes available.
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Image of the elusive PAC courtesy TravelOregon