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Sugar Cube's Cookbook, Upright's Punk Party

N. MISSISSIPPI: Dessert denzien Kir Jensen (of the addictively sweet cart The Sugar Cube) twatted yesterday that she's inked a deal with Chronicle books to write a dessert cookbook, featuring the "secrets to our sugar goodness!" The bad news: Thanks to impending deadlines, the book may force the truck to reduce its hours. Boo.

NORTHEAST: N. Broadway's Upright Brewing couldn't wait until the upcoming opening of pub Grain & Gristle to throw a party — tomorrow night, from 4:30 to 9pm, the Upright party people celebrate the release of the brewery's new seasonal, a lager inspired by the Clash.

Image of the Sugar Cube courtesy Under the Table with Jen

The Sugar Cube

4250 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR