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Roost Takes Root on Belmont; Chef Trained by Julia Child

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Photography by Allison Jones

Megan Henzel has the DIY spirit. The recent transplant from New York City totally re-imagined the Belmont space that formerly nested Squeez Bar, combining a bright and clean look with hand-painted chairs to welcome Roost, her new 40-seat restaurant with mostly American-leading menu. (Current dinner options include corn fritter and avocado fries with buttermilk sauce; pan-roasted cod with gazpacho water; ham and spinach croquettes; and — omg — bacon chop with buttermilk mashed potatoes.) Henzel, a former personal chef for NYC's uber-famous, also once spent time in the kitchen with Julia Child. Roost made its dinner debut last night; brunch is in the works.
· Roost [Official site]