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Macheezmo Mouse Boss Sauce Returning To Store Shelves

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Before it finally shut down its original operations in '03, Macheezmo Mouse was an Oregon-based, health-obsessed, ahead-of-its-time chain of eateries featuring Mexican fast food and Gus Van Sant murals. One of MM's menu standouts was a tangy sweet sauce called Boss Sauce that got smothered on everything from chicken burritos to tortilla chips. But after the MM brand was sold a few years back, the fresh-minded menu — including the chili-based, stain-your-shirt-worthy Boss Sauce — was dumped for more traditional Latin fare.

Now word is that Macheezmo's Boss Sauce — which has developed a cult following over the years, even warranting its own Facebook page — is about to make a comeback. In fact, over the weekend, the original tightly-guarded recipe was served at a party in Portland's West Hills. And the person who supplied it, Diane Hall, herself formerly of Macheezmo Mouse, said that she is in the works to relaunch the sauce for retail consumption in the very near future. No word on when it will hit shelves or exactly where, but Eater will let you know once it hits town... again.
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