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Beast's Iron Chef Menu, Gluten-Free Garden State, House Spirits Distiller Runs with Bulls

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NORTHEAST: In addition to throwing a bangin' viewing party for its upcoming Iron Chef America episode, Naomi Pomeroyand the crew at Beast will recreate their entire five-course Iron Chef menu at the restaurant the following week, from Sept. 15 to 18. The $175 price tag (which includes wine pairings) suggests a theme ingredient that's a whole lotta luxe. Guesses, y'all?

N. MISSISSIPPI: According to a morning Tweet, Garden State's second cart in the Mississippi Marketplace will feature a "classy caveman-like menu" — and in good news for Celiac sufferers, will be totally gluten-free.

NORTHWEST: The Oregonian's resident boozehound John Foyston reports that House Spirits Distillery co-founder Lee Medoff has left to start his own rum-and-whiskey-heavy distillery, dubbed Bull Run. The facilities will sit pretty on NW Quimby and are scheduled to open in November.

Image of Beast courtesy Connie C. via Yelp


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Mississippi Marketplace

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