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MLK's Echo Restaurant Closes - Permanently?

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Mystery's a-brewing at Northeast's Echo Restaurant. According to the official account, the high-end comfort food spot has been closed for the past week "for remodeling," per the restaurant voicemail. But a well-placed Eater operative reports that the restaurant (and its awesome back patio) has permanently shut its doors (and its website has gone offline) — could this mean a renovation-gone-wrong, a quiet shutter, or change of owner? The Echo experienced a mini-Renaissance when it changed hands once in early 2009; no additional deets are available (other than the voicemail promises a re-opening this Friday). If you have 'em, you know what to do.
· Echo Restaurant [Official site]

Image of Echo courtesy Lorri E. via Yelp

2225 NE Martin Luther King Boulevard, Portland, OR

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