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Posies Cafe Expands Bakery, Lil' Red Bike Now East Side Deli

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For today's lunchtime EaterWire, the focus is on NoPo. Here's what is happening in that bustling 'hood:

KENTON: Posies Cafe (pictured right) recently posted on Facebook that there will be "no more secrets about our up and coming plans" and announced they're transitioning from being just a cafe to a "bakery & cafe" offering more baked options — and retailing more products for carry-out. The bakery build-out is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month; additionally, starting in late January, the Posies peeps will start taking weekly bread orders for Pearl Bakery bread, to be picked up at the bakery on Fridays.

NORTH PORTLAND: The Lombard Street space that once was home to the much missed Little Red Bike Cafe has been replaced by East Side Delicatessen, the second location of a popular Hawthorne hangout. Beyond Boar's Head meat choices, the East Side will stay open late (until 11 pm) in the hopes of catching what must be the late-night UofP party crowd.
· Posies Cafe [Official site]
· East Side Deli [Official Site]

8208 N. Denver Ave., Portland, OR

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