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Firefighting Chef Tom Hurley Now Back as Building Inspector

The saga of local cheflebrity Tom Hurley continues: Maxine Bernstein at the Oregonian reports that the one-time city firefighter — who opened Hurley's restaurant in 2002 while on disability, leading to a long, drawn-out battle with the city over lost disability benefits — is back on the Fire Bureau payroll as a "low-hazard fire building inspector," after collecting Portland Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund payments for 10 years.

Hurley's career as a chef has had its ups and downs: His eponymous Hurley's, a fine-dining establishing in Northwest Portland, shuttered in 2007 (Hurley later complained that "Portland wasn't ready for me"), and Hurley high-tailed it to Seattle for famously short-lived stints at Coupage and the Triangle Lounge (the latter most famous for its $26 foie gras burger). According to the O, Hurley's been unemployed since March of 2010, and reported to his new fire gig in December.
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