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Bare Bones Expands, Alberta's Sushi Hana, Rogue's Bottle Shop

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[Jones, 1/12/11]

In today's lunchtime EaterWire, tidbits from around town...

BELMONT: The Bare Bones Cafe is branching out, taking over the neighboring space that once housed the polliwog retail store. According to the Facebooks: "We will be connected through the kitchen so we can serve our delicious sandwiches there until 9pm." A new late-night menu will also make its debut when the new space opens February 1.

NE ALBERTA: The former Wine Down East space — which devolved into a spectacle of a shutter, documented in a TLDR post at and in a series of bizarre Facebook postings — will soon become Hana by Sushi Hana. Presumably, it's the fourth outpost of the Sushi Hana chain, which has restaurants in Tigard and Vancouver, WA.

CENTRAL EASTSIDE INDUSTRIAL: WWeek reports that Rogue Brewing will soon open a retail-only shop, creatively dubbed the Rogue Company Store, on SE 9th Avenue.