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Portlandia's First Episode Skewers Farm-to-Table Eating

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's new IFC show Portlandia — pop-culture illiterates will recognize it as "that show with the guy from SNL and that indie chick and wasn't Sam Adams in that thing or something?" — makes its splashy Portland premiere (at the Hollywood Theatre) tonight, but the full episode is online available now.

In the pilot, called "Farm," the pair poke fun at PDX's famous commitment to organic and farm-to-table eating: After sitting down to dinner at Gilt Club, the pair pepper their waitress with like a million questions, to the point of being informed that their chicken grew up on a four-acre farm, dined on soy and hazelnuts, and his name was Colin. The foodie fun starts about four minutes in. Also: Steve Buscemi!
· Portlandia [IFC]

Gilt Club

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