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Breaking News: Fin to Shutter After Valentine's Day

Sonofabitch. Karen Brooks reports on Eat Beat this afternoon that Fin, chef Trent Pierce's stunning seafood restaurant on Hawthorne (recipient of the 2010 "So Hot" Eater Award), will close after Valentine's Day. The high-end spot had struggled to find its footing since opening in July (despite solid reviews), slightly re-arranging its menu in November to make the dining experience more accessible and boisterous (there is, after all, that rockin' sake list).

Brooks confirmed the pending shutter with Pierce, writing: "Owner Joan Dumas sold the restaurant and a new owner plans to open his own eatery. Pierce had hoped to buy the restaurant after two years, and he plans to seek funding to open his own place, possibly with some of his Fin comrades." Make those final reservations now.
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1852 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR

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