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Gilt Club Gets New York Times Coverage for Portlandia Link

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Image of Gilt Club courtesy The New York Times

One chicken named Colin is getting an Old Town eatery tons of media coverage. Gilt Club was one of the main attractions in a story that ran online and in Monday's New York edition of the New York Times (don't go looking for it in the West Coast edition, it's not there). William Yardley's "Can a City This Self-Serious Take a Joke?" poked around the places that popped in the premiere of Portlandia, the IFC comedy series that pokes fun at PDX and its peeps, including the restaurant helmed by Jamie Dunn (above).

Coincidentally, Yardley and his photographer, Steve Dykes, landed at chef Chris Carriker's meat-obsessed Gilt Club during a "media event" (read: a chance for food writers to eat and drink for free). And Eater was there! (That explains the quote from our own Allison Jones, who poo-pooed on Portlandia.) And though this reporter showed up right after the NYT scribe left, you could feel a palpable buzz in the room as if Moses had descended from the heavens with a reporter's notebook instead of tablets. Seriously, y'all, it was like Elvis had just left the building. Next time on Portlandia: Portlanders get excited over Times coverage, which gets them more coverage in the Times. Talk about meta.
· "Can a City This Self-Serious Take A Joke?" [The New York Times]
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Gilt Club

306 NW Broadway, Portland, OR 97209 503 222 4458

Gilt Club

306 NW Broadway Portland, OR

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