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Dinners at Albertina's and Castagna; Dishing Up Oregon Party at Nostrana

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In this week's event planning EaterWire:

NORTHEAST: Albertina's, the volunteer-run restaurant that benefits programs at Albertina Kerr's, will host its first-ever eight-course "autumn harvest" dinner on Thursday, October 10 20, featuring guest chefs from restaurants all over town. Bamboo Sushi's Brian Landry, the Heathman's Christina Chambers, Arleta Library baker McRae Freeman, and Whole Foods pastry chef Charles Mason will all team with Albertina's in-house chef Alex Diomis to offer plates like slow-cooked rabbit with chorizo and pork belly with pumpkin-jus glaze. All proceeds from the $55 reservation (and tips) benefit Albertina Kerr; reservations available here.

SOUTHEAST: Chef Justin Woodward and sommelier Jack Hott are bringing a whole new flavor to Castagna, as the tony spot will host its first-ever beer pairing dinner on Wednesday, October 19. The five-course meal will feature pairings with three breweries — Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Upright Brewery, and Oakshire Brewing — and feature courses like Woodward's famous "snacks" (paired with a Logsdon Seizoen), Chinook salmon with cream, eggplant, amaranth, toasted nuts, and seeds (paired with an Upright Five), and an oak ice cream dessert (served with Oakshire's espresso stout). Reservations are $65 and available by calling the restaurant.

BUCKMAN: On Sunday (October 16), Nostrana's dining room plays host to a pop-up artisan market celebrating the release of local food writer Ashley Gartland's Dishing Up Oregon, a cookbook that features recipes from local favorites. From noon to 3pm, more than a dozen vendors — including Two Tarts Bakery, din din Supper Club, Park Kitchen, and House Spirits Distillery — will be on hand for the farmer's market-style event, and cookbooks will be available for purchase. More information available here.


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