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Original's Poutine Challenge Has a Chomp Champ

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Downtown's Original Dinerant has a thing for contests. And one of the most challenging so far has been their "Poutine Challenge." Since its inception in early April no one has been able to eat the full five pound mound of French fried potatoes, cheese curds and brown gravy in 30 minutes or less.

That was, until Sunday. That's when, according to Original's General Manager, Meaghan Goedde, "a skinny guy" named Spencer Crim completed mission seemingly impossible is just 23 lip-smacking minutes (that's him eating his last bite in the photo). The contest is still on at the restaurant and the meal is free if you complete the daunting task, otherwise it's $25 bucks and you get a t-shirt for just trying.
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The Original Dinerant

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