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Seattle's Terra Plata; Tracking Murray Stenson; Upcoming Openings in Milwaukie

Welcome back to our new weekly I-5 High Five, a look at restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.


SEATTLE: Eater Seattle gets a sneak peek inside James Beard winner Tamara Murphy's highly anticipated Terra Plata (yes, it's an "earth-to-plate" concept), which is opening soon after several delays; meanwhile, legendary Emerald City bartender Murray Stenson (formerly of Zig Zag Cafe) is apparently calling Canon his new home. He'll be behind the stick three nights a week. [-ESEA-]

SEATTLE: It's Restaurant Week in Seattle from now until October 27, and in the name of service journalism, Surly Gourmand names his list of Top 12 Places to go to Avoid Restaurant Week, should you find yourself wanting to avoid amateur hour. You're welcome. [ESEA; Seattle Weekly]

MILWAUKIE: In a short shot off I-5 and 99E, former Carafe chef Pascal Sauton's upcoming Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine is set to open at the end of October, while Short Snout Brewery aims to get off the ground. [OregonLive]