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‘Oregonian’ Invents Time Travel During Latest Review

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In a largely positive review of NW stalwart Wildwood, the Oregonian's resident reviewer David Sarasohn writes that chef Dustin Clark's current incarnation of the restaurant "is lively and creative, a Northwestern kitchen that frequently reaches across the Pacific and also extends to other neighborhoods." It also, briefly, reached through the annals of time.

An eagle-eyed tipster points out that one of the review's accompanying photos (now removed, as of noon) originally showed current Park Kitchen chef David Padberg "construct[ing] salads, pizzas and more on a recent Tuesday lunch hour." Padberg left Wildwood to help open clarklewis in 2003, and has been working in the PK kitchen since 2005. Also in the background: A figure over Padberg's right shoulder that's very plausibly a young, strapping Adam Sappington, who opened his own spot, the Country Cat, in 2007.

Sarasohn really likes the mussels, though. The restaurant overall gets a B grade.

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