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Momofuku Alum Behind Double Dragon Banh Mi Shop

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More information has surfaced about SE Division's upcoming Double Dragon sandwich shop, which takes over the space most recently occupied by the Artemis Cafe. Chef/owner Rob Walls, a semi-recent Portland transplant, is an east coast native and alumni of Momofuku and Lupa, and his sandwich shop promises imagined versions of the banh mi sandwich — in six different iterations. "The idea with Double Dragon is to take the basic model of the banh mi and apply the sourcing and techniques that I've been trained in over the years here and in New York," Walls tells Eater. (Since moving to Portland, Walls has also spent time in the Beast and, appropriately, Bunk kitchens.)

The space promises to seat about 30 and be open for lunch and dinner hours, seven days a week. According to Walls, kitchen testing is still in progress, but there's a projected opening date: late November.

Image of the former Artemis Cafe courtesy Brandon B. via Yelp

Double Dragon

1235 Southeast Division Street, , OR 97202 (503) 230-8340 Visit Website

Double Dragon

1235 SE Division Street, Portland, OR