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Bull Run Distillery Finally Set to Work in NW Location

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Nearly one year after securing a 7,000-square-foot space in the NW's Alphabet District — only to be derailed by delays — Bull Run Distilling announced this afternoon that its distillery license has finally been approved, clearing the path for owners Lee Medoff and Patrick Bernards to begin production, like, now.

According to a celebratory note sent earlier this morning, Bernards and Medoff will immediately start work on a Pacific Rum, scheduled to be released next March, and a "definitively Oregon" whiskey that will go to barrel and age for two years before its release. "With a little more diligence — and luck — we should be able to open our tasting room in mid-November," Bernards says. Bull Run was originally scheduled to open in March of this year.
· Bull Run Distillery [Official site]

Bull Run Distillery

2259 NW Quimby St., Portland OR