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Polls are Open: Vote for PDX's Best Restaurant Bathroom

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As you may have noticed, the beast known as the2011 Eater Awards is upon us, and all week, we've been asking readers to help narrow down nominees in categories for Restaurant of the Year, So Hot Right Now, Chef of the Year, and yesterday, in a super-close vote for Bartender of the Year: Congrats to Tommy Klus, Kyle Webster, and Adam Robinson for moving onto the next round. All winners will be announced here on the site and at a fun food-filled gala in New York City on Monday, but first, there is still one incredibly important award to vote on: Best Restaurant Bathroom.

Eater has been previewing the Portland's nominated lavatories throughout the week, and in case you need a reminder, the top five are as follows:
· Rustic tchotkes and cloth towels at Ned Ludd
· The Doug Fir Lounge's gold-hued mirrorball bathroom
· Airport entrances and communal sinks at Saucebox
· Salt & Straw's vintage postcard wallpaper
· Red-light takeoffs and landings at Departure

Unlike other polls, there's no 24-hour notice here. These bathroom polls close at 6pm.

Poll results

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