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Samurai Blue Open; Barista on Alberta Reborn; Donuts at People's Pig

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N. MISSISSIPPI: Thrillist Portland reports that Samurai Blue, a fusion tapas joint that recently took over the Lorzeno's Italian restaurant space, is officially open to the public. The menu features a selection of sushi rolls, ceviches and carpaccios, and hot dishes like a pork belly steak. [Thrillist]

NE ALBERTA: Barista announced via the Twitterverse today that its NE Alberta coffeehouse — heavily damaged in a Fourth of July fire that also took out neighboring Aviary restaurant — will officially re-open to the public tomorrow (Saturday). A grand opening party fetes tomorrow from 5-7pm, with a KOi Fusion truck parked out front and beers poured on-site by Saraveza. Regular business hours start Monday. [Twitter]

DOWNTOWN: Food Carts Portland reports via the Twitters that downtown porchetta cart the People's Pig is now offering "old fashioned potato and buttermilk donuts." Excitement. [@foodcartsportland]

Image of Samurai Blue courtesy Thrillist

Samurai Blue

3807 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 (503) 284-1020 Visit Website


1725 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211