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Portland's Hottest Chef, The Finals. Thompson v. Hannah

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... after two weeks and 30 valiant contenders, we've reached the final round of Eater PDX's Hottest Chef competition, a match-up between Chris Thompson (Iorio) and Wes Hannah (Blossoming Lotus). The winner will go on to represent Portland in Eater's national "Hottest Chef" competition, so to make things interesting, the polls will be open until 5pm PST tomorrow (Tuesday). May the best (and hottest) man win.

And because some voters have been rather, um, excited to help out their contestant of choice, we're keeping a close eye on voting irregularities. Don't make us embarrass your sexy chef of choice by exposing/removing the number of stuffed ballots cast in his name. Keep it clean!

Poll results